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Seven Jars 1931 Model “A” Ford

Why A Model Fords?

When we were growing up, Daddy would often tell us stories of how he delivered liquor in the back of A Model Fords.  They looked just like a normal car on the road, but these weren’t just any A Models.  They used the four door sedans, because the rear seat would come out, and they could stack the cases of “tax paid” liquor in the floorboard; it wouldn’t be seen because the windows were high.

The cars were specially modified with heavy duty rear springs so that when they had a load of liquor the car would sit “normal”.  But the engines were not the standard 4 cylinder flat head that came in the cars; our uncle Tom (Daddy’s older brother) was a self-taught ace mechanic, and Tom would modify the engines to provide the power for the inevitable chase.

Daddy told many stories of driving the cars, and it was clear he had a fondness for the durable A Model Ford.  Through a Seven Jars friend that actually attended one of our Beer-making classes, we were able to buy an exceptional 1931 A Model Ford.  When we first laid eyes on it we knew it was the exact type of car that Daddy drove; many of the things that he described in explicit detail are just like he described on this car.  We have it now at our Distillery; come and check it out during one of our scheduled Distillery Tours!

How Do I Get Seven Jars Spirits?

You can buy Seven Jars Wine in our Winery at 6148-B Brookshire Blvd., Charlotte, NC 28216.  You can buy 1 Bottle per year of our Spirits at our Distillery right next door to the winery!  BUT our great Rum, Vodka and Whiskeys are being delivered to ABC Boards throughout North Carolina as you read this!  We have created a map to help you find which ABC Board nearest you already carries Seven Jars – check it out!

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