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Seven Jars Vodka - Distilled 7 times!

The Cosmopolitan Recipe

  • 1.5 oz Seven Jars Vodka
  • 1/2 oz Fresh Lime Juice
  • 1 oz Contreau
  • 1 Burnt Lemon Peel

In a stainless shaker, combine the the lime juice, Contreau, Seven Jars Vodka. Add a dash of Cranberry Juice; fill with ice. Shake thoroughly, chilling the mixture. Pour through a strainer into a Martini glass. Take a peel of lemon rind and while squeezing over the top of the cocktail, lightly singe the orange peel. Properly done, this produces a flash of flame (be careful not to burn yourself!) that will impress your friends and certify you in their minds as a highly skilled mixologist! For the less daring, you can substitute a lime wheel for the lemon peel!

Smooth.  Clean.  EXCITING!  Those are the words we hear in our tasting room when folks try our Seven Jars Vodka.  Have you ever watched in the movies where they (usually some bunch of Russians) open a bottle of Vodka, pour it into shot glasses and knock it back like it is water?  They keep going until the whole bottle is finished.  We always wondered how they did that – it was something we tried and simply couldn’t do it.  When we started refining the recipe for this Vodka, our goal was to come up with something smooth, yet with a kick that would let you do that – and enjoy it!  We succeeded, at least to our own satisfaction.  Now we are thinking about making our own movie, just so we can film that scene…

Seven Jars Vodka

NC Code 66-298
$22.95  750ml  80 Proof

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