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Who would have ever thought that adding pickles to Vodka was a GOOD idea?  Much less a GAME CHANGER.  But trust us; it is both.  You would be amazed at how many people that say they don’t like pickles end up liking our Seven Jars Vodka in their favorite vodka drink.  Perhaps the most popular use of our Pickleback Vodka is in a Pickled Mary, a version of the traditional Bloody Mary.  The Bloody Mary is such a popular use for our Vodka and Pickleback that we are creating an entire website devoted to the subject; look for the launch of very soon.

In the meantime, you can enjoy this smooth, flavorful Vodka in many ways.  Emjoy a Pickled Mary by adding it to your favorite Bloody Mary mix.  Try some of our variations on the traditional Blood Mary on our recipes page (at least until we get the other website up and running!)  Try it in some of your favorite Vodka cocktails – you will be amazed.  OR, just drink it chilled or on the rocks straight up.  You will be glad you gave it a try…

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