Seven Jars Preamble Straight Bourbon Whiskey is here – but supplies are limited!!

NC 66294


750 ML    80 Proof

There are several storied versions of how the Manhattan Cocktail came into being.  There are two things that are NOT in question though; first, it was originated in America, most likely in the borough of New York for which it is named, and second, that the traditional Manhattan is made with American Rye Whiskey.  Seven Jars Preamble Rye Whiskey is an exceptional Rye Whiskey that preserves the tradition of the Manhattan, but this particular twist on the classic recipe is one of our favorites.  If you love a traditional Manhattan, please try our Preamble Rye and let us know what you think.  And if you DON’T prefer the traditional Manhattan, you owe it to yourself to give the Honey Manhattan a sip – we think you will be pleasantly surprised!

The history of whiskey (and in particular Bourbon) being used for “medicinal” purposes is fascinating.  During Prohibition, doctors could actually prescribe distilled spirits as medicine, and there were special prescription forms for that purpose.  So it should probably come as no surprise that many people continued to believe in the healing powers of liquor, and Frank Ratcliffe was one of those.  His favorite was the Hot Toddy, which is the perfect drink for staving off whatever ails you on a cold winter night!  Try THIS RECIPE and see for yourself if it really help!!

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