Seven Jars Apple Pie Whiskey

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/4″][vc_column_text]Our daddy believed in efficiency; one of the lessons he taught us was “Don’t reinvent the wheel.”  In order to make a great whiskey, it is a lot easier to START with a great whiskey!  That is the basis for our Apple Pie Whiskey; we have several recipes for Apple Pie that are either straight corn liquor or corn/sugar based, and they are quite good.  BUT we chose the formula we use for Seven Jars Apple Pie Whiskey because it is based on a GREAT whiskey – our Seven Jars Bourbon.  This bourbon is in the barrels aging right now; but it will be years before the first batches are harvested.  In the meantime, the same mash bill that we use for our Seven Jars Bourbon is used as the base for our Apple Pie Whiskey.  We then add quality apple juice and real spices to get a smooth, crisp flavor.  The product is finished off by careful filtering to remove the apple pulp and spices.  The result is something you have to taste to appreciate why we think this Apple Pie Whiskey is the best of all!

Where can I buy it??  FIND OUT HERE…

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