Seven Jars Pickleback Vodka is now available as a SPECIAL ORDER item in the Virginia ABC!!

Our Pickleback Vodka is distilled 7 times and then infused with real pickles.  The result is a treat for ANY pickle lover or anyone who has ever enjoyed a Pickleback shot!  No need to grab the pickle jar, because the Pickle flavor is already in there!  Use it with your favorite Bloody Mary recipe and create one of our favorite cocktails – the Pickled Mary. The best news is that Seven Jars Pickleback Vodka is now being listed by the Virginia ABC as a special order item and is available throughout the state.  For information on how you can get your very own Seven Jars Pickleback Vodka, please contact Todd Neeter at the Virginia ABC at (804) 213-4528 or by email at  Tell him you are inquiring about Seven Jars Pickleback Vodka, Virginia State Code 954094!

Seven Jars Pickleback Vodka

Virginia ABC Code #954094

If you would like to contact us directly to help you get Seven Jars in your area, please fill out the form below and we will follow up with you!