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This is NOT your ordinary whiskey. First, we start with our special Seven Jars Bourbon mash bill.  We distill it just like our Bourbon – preserving the very best of the hearts of the run.  But instead of putting it into our new oak barrels for aging, we painstakingly measure out and add our special recipe made up of natural juices and spices to come up with Seven Jars Apple Pie Whiskey – a delicious blend of traditional whiskey with just the right amount of apple flavor and spices.

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This one is special.  There simply is no other way to put it.  Our Seven Jars Vodka is already a winner – distilled 7x and then charcoal filtered for a smooth, great flavor.  Using a special recipe (and not to mention delicious North Carolina Pickles!) we infuse that wonderful Vodka with just the right amount of pickle flavor.  Use this in your favorite Bloody Mary mix to enjoy a Pickled Mary – YUM!  It is even a great sipping Vodka or a FUN shooter – just chill and enjoy!

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The first thing you will notice about our Seven Jars Preamble Rye Whiskey is that the label is different than our other Seven Jars Products.  Exceptional whiskeys take a long time – and although we have Seven Jars whiskey aging in the barrels right now, it will be a while before these exceptional spirits are ready.  In the meantime, we have Seven Jars Preamble Rye Whiskey- and this Rye Whiskey is not just good – it is GREAT!  The “pre-curser” (hence the name Preamble) to our more mature whiskeys – is here!  Try some today – you will not be disappointed.

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Rum is inextricably associated with good times.  From Caribbean vacations to the classic Rum and Coke at your local bar, this spirit is one of the most popular in the world.  It serves as the basis for so many drinks that it is a “must have” in any home bar.  Our recipe uses a special blend of Blackstrap Molasses and cane sugar to achieve the perfect balance between flavor and alcohol content!  Learn why our Seven Jars Rum is the perfect fit for you, no matter what the occasion!


It is ironic that the General Type Definition of Vodka requires it to be “without distinctive character, aroma, taste or color.”  The irony enters in the fact that virtually all producers of Vodka strive to achieve a distinctive character, aroma or taste!!  Vodka must also be distilled at 190 Proof (95% ABV) or higher – which is no small undertaking.  Our Seven Jars Vodka relies on a unique blend of modern technology and craft-style techniques to achieve a distinctive spirit that is smooth, crisp and an excellent base in virtually any cocktail recipe that calls for Vodka.


The great thing about being a small craft-style distillery is our ability to produce a LOT of different spirits.  We have an incredible assortment of recipes and techniques for producing unique beverages – the hardest part is deciding which ones we want to make!  Check out our current “new products under development” and let us know what you think – and what you would like to see next!

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